YWAM Soteria

YWAM Soteria


Soteria from port bow

Soteria from port bow

YWAM Soteria now has a new website at schoonersote.org.uk. All the latest news and details will be updated there.


To fulfil the meaning of the name Soteria, which means salvation (Greek). She is dedicated to God’s purposes. ‘Sote’ is her abbreviated name and  means ‘He who sets free’. When you sail on her we pray you experience this in your life. The skipper has 17 years experience sail-training on tall ships. Sail-training is an excellent way to grow character through community living and team work needed to sail this old beauty. We also seek to share our faith by invitation to speak about our life, openly and honestly. Nothing pressured or forced!


We live as a family with a home to run as well as a boat! We eat together  – breakfast after dawn, lunch at around midday and supper in early evening.  After breakfast we share  a ‘thought for the day’ that you are free to join.  Then the days’ plans are discussed which will range from plans to sail, to carry out maintenance, to ‘interacting’ with the place where we’re berthed or anchored. We tidy and clean – both washing up and everything from floors and walls to toilets and shower and do the laundry.

Anyone who enjoys cooking is welcome to cook a meal for us.


Spiritual health is of prime importance to us on this boat.

However physical health is a ministry aspiration which has yet to unfold. Would like to impart belief that we are what we eat and that healing can be chosen through looking to address root causes rather than focus on symptom removal.   I, the owner of the boat, have a testimony to the goodness of God in His guidance for me to be healed of chronic fatigue and numerous symptoms, to being fitter than ever at age 60! Ask if interested!

The classic schooner YWAM Soteria is new to YWAM’s network of vessels and will join YWAM Next Wave in working in Europe. Like Next Wave she is registered in the UK and will operate as part of YWAM England’s family of ministries and as a UK registered charity.  Her aim is to help the churches in Europe spread the Christ’s Gospel of love and compassion for all peoples, using sailing as a means to develop character in young people.

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