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Next Wave to tour the north

March 16, 2012

After working in the Mediterranean for three years, the Next Wave has returned to the UK! Now we are preparing to embark on a tour of the waters around northern Europe.

Our hope is to engage northern Europe this summer, particularly during the Olympic season, to promote the work of YWAM and the Next Wave in new ports. God is on the move in the port cities around the world, and YWAM is being called into a fresh anointing to reach Europe.

Below are the dates for the European tour. If you are interested in connecting with the Next Wave in your city, e-mail

April 12th — Sailing from Liverpool 

April 15th-23rd — Warrenpoint (Rostrevor) — Partnering with YWAM Ireland

April 27th — May 3rd Isle of Wight — Working with local churches

May 4th-9th Rotterdam, Holland — Working with YWAM Netherlands

May 9th-17th — Amsterdam, Holland

May 18th-22nd — Kampen, Holland

May 25th-31st — Hamburg, Germany — Working with YWAM Germany

June 1st-6th Copenhagen, Denmark — Working with YWAM Denmark

June 6th-30th — Various ports in Sweden centered around Gothenburg – Working with Elida Foundation

July 1st-15th — Stavern, Norway — Go Camp with YWAM Norway

July 20th-August — Viking Ship Outreach — Meet up in France or Dover and sail to Newcastle, then escort the ship back to Norway

August 20th-September 9th — Weymouth — Cultural Olympics and Paralympic Outreach

September 10th-28th — Isle of Wight – DTS staff training and basic sea training for trainees and new staff

£24,000 to go!

March 9, 2012

After working the vessel hard for five years, with time spent in the waters around the UK and Ireland, the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea, the Next Wave has come to a crossroads.


All five of the Next Wave’s sails, which have been repaired multiple times, need to be replaced. After looking around for a good deal, and doing the re-rigging ourselves, we can replace the sails and the rigging for £30,000. The new sails will carry the ministry forward for the next five years.


Though the initial investment is great, the benefits are great. With a full set of sails, there is a significant savings on fuel consumption, which is good for our expenses. In fact, over a two year period, the money we save on fuel will pay for the sails. With the new sails, we will also be able to do sail training, which is good for team and individual growth.


So far, we have raised £6,000, but we still need £24,000.


Would you like to help us reach this goal? Please consider contributing to the cost of purchasing these new sails. Cheques made out to “YWAM Next Wave”, can be sent to the Next Wave support office, Highfield Oval, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 4BX.

If you would like updates on s/y Next Wave’s itinerary, or details of the ministry and training opportunities, please visit where you can also donate to the ministry via PayPal.  Alternatively, contact the vessel directly via

Setting Sail

December 14, 2011

SailingSetting Sail in Europe, but we need your help!

The Next Wave is a sea-going sail training ketch owned by Youth With A Mission (YWAM). The vessel serves YWAM in its efforts to raise up, train and disciple the next ‘wave’ of missionaries. This is achieved by equipping and releasing young people, and the young at heart, to work in many different types of community and missions projects around the world.

The Next Wave offers adventure, personal growth and a place to encounter God.

During each year the Next Wave hosts the lecture phase of a YWAM Discipleship Training School, short-term mission’s trips, as well as being the floating base for several months of YWAM community work.

We need new sails!

Over the last two years the Next Wave has been sailing in the Mediterranean. It was an amazing time! But all the sailing has left our sails worn out and damaged.  This slows us down and increases fuel costs. With your help, we want to completely replace all five of the sails and make our operation more financially and environmentally sustainable.

How to help….

Over the winter we want to raise £ 30,000 * to buy the new set of sails. You can help us by sponsoring the Captain who is running the Liverbird Marathon in Liverpool on the 31st of December this year.

To get to know how to donate for new sails, click here, or use our PayPal page.

God bless you,

Herman Barkmeijer

Captain Next Wave

s/y Next Wave is owned by Youth With A Mission

UK charity registration no. 264078

Charity address: Highfield Oval, Harpenden Hertfordshire, AL5 4BX   Tel: 01582 463300

* all donations that will be raised as a surplus of £ 30.000 will be used for running costs.


December 6, 2011

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s/y Next Wave – October Newsletter 2011

November 15, 2011

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